Where to watch - EU Masters Summer 2019

Where to watch - EU Masters Summer 2019

With EU Masters play-ins right around the corner, we're here to tell you where you can catch the latest action across the next 3 weeks.

We've got your covered for 9 language streams across the whole tournament for your viewing pleasure.

English - Riot Games Twitch channel
French - Ogaming's Twitch channel
German - Summoners Inn's Twitch channel
Spanish - Esportmaniacos' Twitch channel
Polish - Polsat' Twitch channel
Italian - PGEsports' Twitch channel
Czech - Hitpoint's Twitch channel
Serbian - Fortuna Esports' Youtube
Portugese - Inygon's Twitch channel
Greek - Gamers Lounge Twitch channel

Whether you're supporting Origen, FTWEsports or Mousesports we want to see you on the rift cheering on the LEC stars of the future as they vie for the title of Masters of Europe.

All streams can be found right here on the Eumasters website.