Everything You Need to Know to Follow Europe’s Rising Stars

Everything You Need to Know to Follow Europe’s Rising Stars

Riot Games and ESL are pleased to reveal the details of the first 2019 League of Legends European Masters, the prominent European competition that will determine which region is home to the strongest up and coming League of Legends players. The Live Finals will take place at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre from April 27th-28th and see the four best teams battle to be crowned the Masters of Europe. Fans can follow the progress of their favourite local teams across Europe’s diverse and exciting regional leagues in the run up to the tournament next month.

The play-ins for the EU Masters will run from April 8th-11th and will see seven teams from Spain, France, the UK, Germany, Balkans, Nordics and Poland battle it out to be one of the three teams to qualify for the Group Stage alongside the thirteen champions representing their region. The eight top teams to make it through the Group Stage will graduate to the Knockout Stage from April 20th-21st, with the four strongest regional teams progressing to the Live Finals at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre. Regional leagues across Europe are well underway to determine which teams will compete in the play-ins and which will go straight to the Group Stage of the exciting tournament.

One of the most important events in the region, the EU Masters offers talented players the exposure they need to make it to the pinnacle of European competition in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) which is increasingly brimming with high profile EU Masters alumni. The ten powerhouse teams partnered with the LEC all have secondary squads competing in regional leagues around Europe. These players will not only be competing to become the Masters of Europe, they’ll also be making a case to be brought up to the main roster.

The regional leagues sending their teams to the European Masters include the UKLC, the UK’s dynamic league which has seen current tower champions Diabolus secure the regions first spot following an exceptional win streak over the past few weeks. Premier Tour (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) already have BIG, who will be heading straight to the Group Stage, locked in while SK Gaming Prime head into the play-in stage. In Spain SuperLiga Orange has seen previous EU Masters champions MAD Lions cement their spot in the competition, with their second team to be confirmed on March 31st.

The full breakdown of regions competing in the League of Legends EU Masters are:

  • Baltic National Esports League (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia): Qualified team: eNsure (Group Stage).
  • Ligue Française (France): Qualified teams: Team LDLC and TBC April 4th
  • Premier Tour (Germany, Austria, Switzerland): Qualified teams: SK Gaming Prime (play-ins) and BIG (Group Stage).
  • Nordic Championship (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland): Qualified teams: Ventus Esports (Group Stage) and NYYRIKKI White (play-ins).
  • Ultraliga (Poland): Qualified teams: Rogue Esports Club and devils.one
  • Superliga Orange (Spain): MAD Lions and TBC March 31st
  • UKLC (UK & Ireland): Qualified teams: Diabolus and TBC March 30th
  • Esports Balkan League (Balkans): Qualified teams: Crvena zvezda (Group Stage) and TBC March 30th (play-ins).
  • Benelux Premier League (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg): Qualified teams: TBC March 31st.
  • Hitpoint Masters (Czech Republic, Slovakia): Qualified team: AS Trenčín eSports (Group Stage).
  • Greek League (Greece, Cyprus): Qualified team: TBC April 7th.
  • PG Nationals (Italy): Qualified team: TBC April 7th.
  • LPLOL (Portugal): Qualified teams: For The Win Esports plus TBC March 31st.