The European Masters is Here!

The European Masters is Here!

The European Masters presented by ESL is set to take EU to the next level. Are you ready to board the EM hype train?


  • There will be seven teams in the EM Play-In
  • Top three teams will advance to the Group Stage
  • 16 teams will compete in the Group Stage
  • Eight teams will then advance to the Knockout Stage
  • Our top four teams then travel to Katowice, Poland for the live Finals on September 29-30

EM Play-Ins

The second-seeded teams from European Regional Leagues will compete in a Round Robin Best of 1 for one of three spots in the Group Stage.

Play-Ins Schedule

Day 1 (Sep 10, 6PM CEST)

  • Poland vs Spain
  • Germany vs Nordics
  • Balkans vs France
  • United Kingdom vs Spain
  • Germany vs Poland
  • Balkans vs Nordics


Day 2 (Sep 11, 6PM CEST)

  • France vs United Kingdom
  • Germany vs Spain
  • Balkans vs Poland
  • Nordics vs United Kingdom
  • Balkans vs Spain
  • France vs Germany


Day 3 (Sep 12, 6PM CEST)

  • Poland vs United Kingdom
  • France vs Nordics
  • Balkans vs Germany
  • Nordics vs Spain
  • France vs Poland
  • Balkans vs United Kingdom


Day 4 (Sep 13, 6PM CEST)

  • Nordics vs Poland
  • Germany vs United Kingdom
  • France vs Spain
  • 2nd Place vs. 5th place Match
  • 3rd Place vs. 4th Place Match


EM Groups and Knockout Stage

For the Group Stage, we’ll be dividing the teams into two pools. There, teams will be drawn into four groups consisting of four teams apiece. Teams from the same ERL in pools 1 and 2 will be guaranteed to land in different groups.
Additionally, while we brought every participating ERL to the group stage, Poland will receive the benefit of being the only Pool 1 team in their group, on account of their performance in the inaugural European Masters.
All subsequent ERLs will be drawn randomly and placed into the next group available, so long as that does not render the draw invalid at any future point.

Official Pool Split and Draw Method:

Pool 1
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • France
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Balkans
  • Nordics


Pool 2
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Czechia & Slovakia
  • Baltics
  • Benelux
  • EM Play-in #1
  • EM Play-in #2
  • EM Play-in #3

Similar to the Play-In stage, teams will play a single Round Robin Best of 1 in their groups to determine the top two teams that will move to the Best of 3 Knockout Stage. The top teams of each group will face off against the runners-up from other groups in the Quarterfinals, for a chance to claim a slot in the Semifinals and punch their ticket to Katowice. Once in the Finals, teams will play one Best of 5 to find out which ERL reigns supreme this Split.


We’ll be back soon with the full schedule including match-ups, timings and where to watch. The EM Play-in will begin on Monday, September 10 at 18:00 CEST and continue as follows:

Play-Ins - September 10 - 13
Group Stage - September 17 - 20
Playoffs - September 22 - 23
Semifinals - September 29
Finals - September 30

The Semifinals and Finals will be played in front of a live audience – You can get tickets here!