The European Masters - Everything you need to know

Close your spellbooks, sharpen your blades and fire up your favourite browser as the EU Masters is in town in the latest collaboration between Riot Games and ESL to bring the next step in the European Path-to-Pro system. We're gathering up the best semi-pro teams from across Europe for an exciting 2-week long display of country rivalries, salty memes and just about the best League of Legends play outside of the LCS.

The first edition of the European Masters (EM) will see 26 teams battle it out across two weeks of intense competition before we descend on The Haymarket Theatre in Leicester on the 28th/29th April for the live finals and crown a new champion of Europe. With 150,000 EUR prize pool on the table, three phases of competition and more games than we know what to do with be sure to support your country in the ultimate battle for national pride.

Play-in - Monday 9th April - Thursday 12th April

Play-in Groups

Twelve teams join us across four groups of 3 from ten European Regional Leagues (ERLs) and our two Open Qualifier spots. The group stage is played over two days and teams are aiming for those top two spots so they can progress into the knockout stage and battle it out for the chance to join the EU Masters Group stage.

Play-in Group Schedule

The knockout phase is a single elimination as only the best of the best can progress to the best-of-3 semifinal phase and claim the elusive Group Stage positions.

Group Stage - Saturday 14th April - Tuesday 17th April

The Group Stage is where we pull out the big guns. 16 teams participate across four days of intense Summoners Rift action, vying for that all important first group place and the bye through the first round. Second and third places also qualify so there is all to play for before we bust out the best-of-3s for the knockout stage.

EUM Group Stage

Knockout Stage - Thursday 19th April - Sunday 23rd April

It's do or die time. There's no space for failed flashes or whiffed Varus ults here as only the strongest will survive as they fight for their place in the live finals. We'll see if the best teams can adapt in the best-of-3 format against some of the best competition we've seen in Europe to date. There are only four spots left in the finals, can your country stand up to the test?

Live Finals - Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th

Four Teams, Twenty Players, Two Days, Three Series.

What more do you need as the final stage of the EU Masters is played live at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester and the new Champions of Europe are crowned. Bragging rights are taken home and we see the best of the best show off their skills on the Rift.

Ticket sale information will be released soon, so you can come and support your favourite teams, join in with chants and wave flags high above your heads.


We can't wait to kick off the first ever European Masters and see how the teams from across Europe line-up. Load your meme cannons, fill up on trash talk and get behind your teams as they make their way to the finals! Only one country can be crowned victors, who will it be?