Welcome to the league of legends european masters

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GGWP to @EuronicsGaming & @NiPGaming for advancing to the Semifinals of the #EUMasters Summer 2018 Season in Katowice, Poland!

But who will be joining them? Find out tomorrow at 18:00 CEST as we decide the final two teams!

IT'S OVER! @NiPGaming put an end to the French spree defeating @GamersOrigin 2-0 and advance to the Semifinals in Katowice! 🇸🇪 #EUMasters

Perfectly played by @NiPGaming to stop the Baron attempt from @GamersOrigin! 🇸🇪 #EUMasters

📺 https://t.co/5zPMKtDVsX

.@GO_tonerre with the outplay in mid lane! 😱 #EUMasters

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