Welcome to the league of legends european masters

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Schedule - Play-ins

Kicking off the tournament with Play-ins on Monday April 9, the tournament will run through to finals on April 29. Here’s a closer look at…

Play-In Teams

Play-in teams have come from all across Europe to stake their claim as the top team in the region. Let's take a look at how…

OH MY WORD @FortunaEsports


What an exciting team to break out on the European stage. #EUMasters

Here is the updated #EUMasters Knockout Stage bracket after today's games. We still have two more matches tomorrow before we head into the Quarterfinals!

A 2-0 victory for @KlikTechGaming sends them into the next round of the Knockout Stage to play against @MADLionsEC! 🙌


No one can stop the split pushing Gangplank as @G2Sacre finds the 1v1 and takes the inhibitor for @KlikTechGaming!


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